Make $25 with Purchase of Peachtree Pro Accounting 2009 & ACT! 2009

This deal is not for the faint of heart but is also fairly easy and straightforward, especially with Staples Easy Rebates.

  1. Add Peachtree Pro Accounting 2009 and ACT! 2009 Standard Edition to your shopping cart for a total of $264.98 shipped after code 27083.  Here is a screenshot before the $290 total rebates for your reference.
  2. Submit the $100 and $40 rebates for Peachtree Pro Accounting 2009.
  3. Submit this $100 rebate for ACT! 2009.
  4. Since both Peachtree Pro Accounting 2009 and ACT! 2009 are made by Peachtree Software, you can also submit this $50 rebate.  Here is a screenshot for your reference.

The return on the purchase after all rebates is $264.98 – $100 – $40 – 100 – $50 = 25.02 profit.

This deal has expired as Peachtree is out of stock.  Congratulations to those who were able to get in on it.