Wilsons Leather 60% Off Select Clearance, Plus Additional 30% Off

Wilsons Leather has a 60% off select clearance.  Plus an additional 30% off based on the current list prices is taken in the shopping cart.  Although the numbers do not look quite right, they show the correct result of the discount.  The mathe is kind of a mess to describe because the way it is displayed.  Using our screenshot as an example with a $179.88 item: Withe 60% off, the item now costs $71.95.  Then take an additiaonal 30% off on $71.95, which works out to be $50.37.  It doesn’t look right the way Wilsons has displayed it, but in the end the numbers work out correctly.  There is a promotion mistake, however, in that the additional 30% off is not supposed to work on clearance items, but it does as shown in the same screenshot, which is great if you find something you like in the clearance section.  No coupon code is necessary.  Some notable items are listed below:

For Men

For Women