Make $5.01 with TRENDnet 54Mbps Wireless Router and $5.40 with 8GB SDHC

This requires a few steps as outlined below:

  1. Log out of if you are currently logged in.  Clear your cart of any coupons and items.
  2. Add this coupon to your cart and do the following:
  3. Add one of the items below to your cart
  4. Be sure to select Budget Shipping so you get free shipping.
  5. Check out using PayPal, which will take $15 off just before submitting your order.
  6. Submit the respective rebate for the item.
  7. The mathe works out for you to make $5.01 on the TRENDnet wirelss router and $5.40 on the 8GB SDHC. 

Note that you can use this PayPal discount twice, so it makes sense to place separate orders to maximize your savings.  For your reference, here are screenshots that show how it works out all the way through the process  (screenshot 1, screenshot 2, and screenshot 3).

This deal has expired.  ‘Redeem’ button on the coupon page has been removed.