$25 Off $50 at Toys R Us If Your PayPal Order Got Cancelled on Black Friday

Check your e-mail if you tried to take advantage of this deal last week and were able to submit your order, and then Toys R Us ended up cancelling it.  Toys R Us is now trying to make amends.  They are sending out one-time use coupon codes that will take $25 off $50 for those who were affected.  Be sure to look into the spam folder too just in case it lands there.  Here is the partial text from that e-mail:
Greetings once again from Toysrus.com! In this follow up email, we are pleased to extend to you a new $25.00 Off code, which replaces the one that you applied to your cancelled order.  The code below works exactly as the code you applied to your order with one exciting exception. – This code is valid for use for 1 full week!