Get $20 Bonus Gift Card with Purchase of $100 Gift Card at Lowe’s

Get a $20 Bonus Gift Card with Purchase of $100 Gift Card at Lowe’s. Look for details under the heading Special Offeer – Free $20 Stocking Stuffer. This is especially useful when you know you are going to buy something that is worthe close to $100 or more at Lowe’s.  Before you purchase the desired item(s), buy a $100 Gift Card first and use that Gift Card to buy the desired item(s) and get $20 in Bonus Gift Card via mail-in rebate.  Another example is if you are buying something at Lowe’s that is worthe $300, then buy 3 separate $100 Lowe’s Gift Cards and get $60 in bonus Gift Cards back as you can do this up to 3 times.

We already had an earlier deal taking advantage of this offer.  This is just to bring it to your attention if you are making more purchases at Lowe’s.  The great thing about it is gift cards generally do not have limitations when used in conjunction with coupons so you could potentially double-or triple-dip on good deals.  Here are similar opportunities. Make sure you are comfortable with the financial stability of a company if you are going to hold its gift card for an extended period of time.