Two Free Movie Tickets with Purchase of The Home Depot $25 Gift Card

Buy The Home Depot’s Disney-themed gift card in-store, and get a Fandango code for two free movie tickets.  Here are the official details (under Storewide Promotions).  Basic rules are:

  • The official minimum gift card purchase is $25.
  • The two free movie tickets are meant for Disney’s “Bedtime Stories”

Read this carefully: At the time of this post, the code comes on the card and it is up to the cashier to enforce the minimum purchase.  In addition, the Fandango code that comes with the gift card actually applies to two tickets for any movies.  It is possible that actual restrictions will be eventually put in their systems, but neither is strictly enforced at this point.
(If you are going to spend a total of $200 at The Home Depot on something anyway, you might as well buy 8 gift cards of $25 each to get 16 free movies tickets and then use the gift cards to buy what you were going to get at the HomeDepot.)