$10 Free Gift Card by Mail with Coinstar

Now through 12/7, bring your coins to a Coinstar machine to have your change automatically sorted and counted.  They usually give cash bills in exchange for coins with 9% service fee.  Instead of cash bills, select to get a gift card equal to the full amount of coins you deposit, and Coinstar will waive the 9% service fee. You can choose to get a gift card from Amazon, Starbucks, and many others.

If you exchange more than $40 worthe of coins, you can receive an extra $10 gift card free.  Here are the steps:

  1. Exchange at least $40 worthe of coins at a Coinstar machine to a eCertificate or gift card
  2. Fill out the form printed by the machine
  3. Cut off the bottom portion of your receipt, mail them to Coinstar Holiday Bonus Offer, PO Box 6112, Douglas, AZ 85655-6112

Note that not all Coinstar machine are the same.  Use Coinstar locator to see which machines give out prepaid cards and eCertificates.  An eCertificate Coinstar machine can give you a Amazon or iTunes gift certificate, and a prepaid machine gives you an in-store gift certificate.