HammerMill 20 Packs of 500-Sheet Reams (10,000 Sheets Total) for $8.77 Shipped

Get 20 Packs of HammerMill 500-Sheet Reams (10,000 sheets total) for $8.77 shipped with the steps outlined below:

  1. Click here to get started and search for 122374-QJ to locate the paper as shown here.  Note that you must include the “-QJ” in the search to locate the item at the discounted price.  Add two boxes to the cart for a total of 20 packs of 500-sheet reams of paper.
  2. Add a filler such as these clips for $0.79 to qualiy for free shipping on orders over $50.
  3. Apply coupon code 47617 to take $5 off each box.  Since there are two boxes, a total discount of $10 is applied as shown here.
  4. Submit this $16 rebate, which is valid for up to two boxes of paper for a total of $32 back.
  5. The final total comes to $50.77 – $32.00 of rebate = $8.77 shipped.

20 Reams or 10,000 Sheets of Paper for $24.98 Shipped

Two cases (20 reams / 10,000 sheets) of Paper for $24.98 shipped with the following steps.

  1. Add 2 x HammerMill CopyPlus Copy Paper Case to the cart.
  2. Get a $25 off $75 coupon here or here.  Be sure to pick one with instant delivery.
  3. Check out as usual and submit this $14 rebate.  The rebate limit is 2 per each address/household, so that both cases are eligible for the rebate for a total of $28 back.
  4. The total comes to $38.99 x 2 – $25 coupon – $14 rebate x 2 = $24.98 plus the cost of the coupon, which is between $1.50 to $2.00.