Fantom G-Force Megadisk 2TB RAID USB & eSATA External Drive for $179.99 Shipped

Fantom G-Force Megadisk 2TB RAID USB/eSATA External Hard Drive for $179.99 shipped after applying this coupon and a $20 rebate.  Here is a screenshot before the $20 rebate for your reference.  Note that the coupon is for new customers only and you may need to create a new account in order to use the coupon.  This drive features flexible and user configurable RAID modes, such as RAID 0 (disk striping) for speed, RAID 1 (Disk Mirroring) for fault tolerance, JBOD (Direct Mapping) for flexibility, or Spanning for large volume support at bus speeds of 300MB/s.  Others carry this drive for about $259.