Consolidated List of Category-Wide Coupon Codes at Newegg

Newegg currently has many category-wide promo codes that, unlike most of codes in the past, are not specific to each individual items.  Instead, they apply to all items in each category.  See below for the consolidated list.

  • 10% off Any Hard Drive with code EMCYVYZ29 through 7/7 ($10 maximum discount)
  • 10% off Any Blu-Ray Drive or Burner with code EMCYVYZ26 through 7/7
  • 10% off Any Panasonic HDTV with code EMCYVYZ25 through 7/3
  • 10% off Any LG HDTV with code EMCYVYZ24 through 7/3
  • 25% off Any Klipsch or Energy Home Audio Speakers with code EMCYVYZ22 through 7/3
  • 10% off Any P&S Digital Cameras (except Sony) with code EMCYVYZ28 through 7/3
  • 10% off Any Motherboard with code MBJULY through 7/7
  • 10% off Any ATX or HTPC Computer Cases with code EMCYVYZ35 through 7/2
  • 10% off Any LG LCD Monitor with code EMCYVYZ23 through 7/5
  • 15% off Any D-Link Switch or Wireless Router with code EMCYVYZ32 through 7/5
  • 10% off Any Surveillance Product with code EMCYVYZ34 through 7/3 (maximum $100 discount)
  • 15% off Any Computer Keyboard with code EMCYVYZ27 through 7/1
  • 15% off Any Card Reader with code EMCYVYZ33 through 7/7